Exceptionally Curated Wedding Experiences

As you dream the gathering, we co-dream it with you. We bring in our connoisseurs, unconventional artists, outside of the box creators to meet you where you wish to be met. A wedding lab-like space with your own art directors, designers, f & b aficionados and the vision carriers behind the Morabito Art Villa brand itself.

Heartfully artful

Morabito Art Villa is the exclusive host to the world’s most particularly selected nuptials so that our entirety is focused on innovation for your I Do’s.

The closest you can get to the sublime openness of the ocean as the shades of blue meet the welcoming lively green space.
Get an exclusive venue access or book one of our many sections to turn into a secluded affair.


Delicate. Succulent. Fresh.

Designed canapés & pass-arounds

  • Buffet
  • Set Menu
  • Set-Sharing
  • Barbecue